After the death of their estranged father, John and Emily Erickson must drive from Los Angeles to Arizona to pick up his ashes. John, an unemployed writer with a bad creative block, can't seem to fully break it off with his ex-girlfriend. Emily, a struggling actress, is debating on whether or not to give up on the dreams that have evolved into one terrible audition after another. Together they travel to collect the remains of the father they barely knew and come to terms with their perspectives on life, death, faith and family.


Shot on a shoestring budget of two thousand dollars over the course of six days - the majority of which was on a four day road trip with only the two stars, the director and a crew of one crammed into a car, stopping at various locations to shoot until someone told them to stop, the film is a testament to the independent spirit of its creators and the joy of low-budget filmmaking.